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Be Braver Cyber Security Policy



Image credit: Collin Armstrong

We take cyber security seriously and protecting our customer’s data, including their customer’s data, is paramount. Here’s a summary of what we do to keep things safe for you:

(this applies to servers, personal computers, mobiles and services we use)

(Free) Education

We educate team members as well as customers on best practice and provide a free basic training and a review. If you are a customer or interested in using our services, you can find out more by way of a simple response to this thread or say [email protected].

Access control to data

People who have access to different types of data is strictly controlled, which reduces the risks of data being lost or getting corrupted. This includes a strict use of secure password storage and controlled sharing.

Strong passwords and additional layers of security

We don’t just use passwords, we use long, complex and very secure passwords. We store and share these securely also and employ Two Factor authentication where ever available. Suppliers and services not offering this along with secure password policies themselves are avoided.

Updates, updates, updates

Bugs are in every piece of software and it’s critical to keep abreast with the latest improvements to code as well as news of possible exploitations. We make sure we deploy patches to computer software as soon as they are available and test them, whilst striking a careful balance between breaking a service and keeping it safe.

Pro-active security

Our services are setup in a way that actively scans for malware and unauthorised access. We also listen carefully to our customer’s circumstances to provide a dedicated security umbrella to services they use through us. Knowing what attacks a customer is likely to face throughout the year helps put measures in place that mitigates against threats.


In the case of ransomware attacks or anything else that may corrupt or disrupt data, restoring from a recent backup is critical. We use multiple versions and encrypt our backups stored in multiple locations and using multiple mechanisms, to prevent accidental or intentional damage.


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